Hall of Fame - Bruce Adams 2005 Inductee


April 2, 2005

1. Bruce, who was born and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, started playing the game June 1975 @ OSU Stillwater as a freshman in Engineering School; played lots of doubles. It was a new game he had not heard of, but it gave us something new to try. Thanks to Ralph McIntosh, a local realtor, for showing me the game.

2. First tournament was about 1982 in New Jersey, which is where I met Gwen Hunter.

3. I played team leagues (and won) in New Jersey. I even played in some racquetball parties with lots of food, play and dancing!

4. I played more tournaments, leagues and gave some lessons in Chattanooga, TN. and attended two pro camps by Steve Strandemo.

5. Bruce got "more serious" about his game in Massachusetts, winning a B singles league and a few mixed and men's doubles club leagues with Sue Gaspar.

6. Moving back to Oklahoma in 1995, got even more serious on studying, teaching juniors (with Chris Carter), giving lessons, clinics, and participating in local, state, national, and international events.

7. I won the Elk City doubles two years in a row . Other titles are: 
    a. 1988, Court House Racquetball Club (AL), 2nd Mixed doubles. 
    b. 1989, South Shore RC Turkey Shootout, 2nd men's B singles
    c. April 28, 1995, South Shore RC Winter league, 1st mixed doubles w/ Sue Gaspar.
    d. 1995, Mass. State Singles, 4th Men's 35 BC singles
    e. October 23, 1998, Elk City, OK, 1st MB/CD w/ Therese Lewis in six team round robin. I 
       played primarily front and she back. Only one or two mistakes entire tournament. No 
       games lost!!!
    f. March 1999, Miller Lite Massacre (Ft. Smith), 2nd Men's B doubles w/ Ken Wintory (AR)
    g. November 5, 1999, Elk City, OK, 1st in MBCD with David Dominiak Sr.
    h. October 20, 2000, OK State Doubles, 1st MB with Paul Siegerist [11 matches in 11 hours!]
    i. December 1, 2000, American Telephone, Ponca City, OK 1st MB singles
    j. October 4, 2002, National Doubles @ Minneapolis, 3rd in Men's B with Mark Bianchi
    k. February 14, 2003, Weatherford Shootout, Mixed Open winner with Julie Hill (1st)
    l. September 12, 2003, Fayetteville Athletic Club, 1st in MA doubles with Pat Bellisario
    m. October 3, 2003, National Doubles @ Minneapolis, 3rd in 45B with Randy Keminich (MN)
    n. July 2004, National Masters @ West Allis, WI, 4th 45-49 mixed doubles w/ Judy Flis (PA)
    o. October 1, 2004, National Doubles in Phoenix, 2nd in M45B w/ David Peckinpaugh (CA)
    p. November 5, 2004, OKC Shootout, 1st in Mixed Open with Julie Hill
    q. December 3, 2004, Winter Shootout at the Y, 1st in Men's A singles
    r. March 4, 2005, OK State Seniors @ Miami, 1st in Men's 45A singles

8. I passed the AMPRO certification after trying the old PARI system in the late 1980s.

9. Proudest moments have been watching Aaron playing over the past 14 years; getting silver in doubles @ U S OPEN (2000) and three years of medals at National Doubles (two bronze and one silver & all with different partners; Mark Bianchi partnered the first bronze in 2002!)

10. Bruce has been an ORA Board member and HEAD player for eight years.

11. While working on improving his game from 1988 to 2002, Bruce obtained his second degree black belt in Aikido, the non-aggressive art form of Steven Seagal.

I have won quite a few doubles titles; very few singles events. I do not consider myself a great or even good singles player (not real fast on my feet like my brothers and son!) I have not been the quickest or smallest guy on the court, but as I tell students, "use what God gave you".

We all have injuries, imperfections, and things we just CANNOT do, but we must have fun anyway and do the best we can at this point in time. Remember, time is precious and is not promised. I have worked hard here on and off the courts, early and late, and have always tried to help run events and boost the confidence of the lower level player.

In closing, this is a great honor. It ranks right up there with my career, marriage, martial arts study and last, but not least, your friendship over the years. Thanks to the Board and members for selecting me and TAKE CARE. Hit 'em hard!!!