Hall of Fame - Ken Smith 2006 Inductee

Ken Smith
Racquetball Bio

1. Began playing in 1972 at OSU in Stillwater,Ok. Enrolled in a Handball/Racquetball class taught by one of the areas top amateur players Tom Mckie. Believe this was the only “A” I received at OSU.

2. Started playing more seriously when Jerry Myers opened the Grand Slam on Britton Rd. and the Broadway Extension. Was working at a clothing store and going to school at then Central State. Jerry Myers came into the store and we starting talking about racquetball. A few months later I was happily employed at the Grand Slam.

3. Spent the next seven years working at racquetball facilities, owning Pro Shops, and traveling the country playing racquetball.

4. In 1980 I was introduced by Larry Hicks and Robert Savage to a young girl named Leah Meeh. Within a month of our meeting she had proposed to me and set the date of our wedding. Twenty six years later she is still telling me what to do. It was shortly before our wedding that we decided it was probably time for a career change.

5. Even with a real job I have been able to continue playing and traveling to tournaments. The competition and camaraderie is still the most enjoyable part of the game.

6. Served on the Okla. Racquetball Board of Directors and was the Board President for several years. (Nobody else wanted to do it)

7. Have been teaching the game since the mid 70’s and it is very gratifying to see some of those I taught still playing. Although I take no credit for J.B. Smith’s style of game.

8. Promoted and ran with the help of friends and family many state and regional tournaments. The Governors Cup which we had twice during the Governor Nigh administration drew over 350 entrants each time.

9. Career Highlights

(a) 4 time Okla. State Singles Champion in Mens Open
(b) Mens 30+ State Singles Champion
(c) Mens 35+ State Singles Champion
(d) Mens 40+ State Singles Champion
(e) Mens 45+ State Singles Champion
(f) Mens Open Doubles State Champion multiple years mostly teamed with Kevin Chambless. (I carried him)
(g) Mens 3rd. Place DP Nationals 30+ Singles
(h) Mens Semifinalist AARA Nationals 30+ Singles
(i) Mens 2nd. Place 1979 IRA National Doubles (Teamed with Kevin Chambless)
(j) 1988 Team Ektelon Player of the year. (Don’t remember why)
(k) Two time Governors Cup Mens Open Singles Champion (Of course I was running the tournament)
(l) 2005 IRF Mens 50+ World Seniors Champion (I was a lot younger than the rest of the field, or at least I thought I looked younger)

It is always a great honor to be recognized by your peers. I wish to thank the Board of Directors for inducting me into this prestigious Hall of Fame.
(Although I do question the Jim McPherson induction)

I was reading Bruce Adams Bio on the website and I as Bruce have never considered myself the best. But I can promise I have been beaten by some of the best.

Again my heartfelt thanks!