Hall of Fame - Lynn Johnson 2007 Inductee


Lynn Johnson Biography

Lynn’s first experience with racquetball was in 1969 shortly after the Colvin Center was built on the OSU campus. He was about 14 years old and in junior high. The Colvin Center, with its 12 courts, was only accessible to students and faculty. But Lynn managed to find a way in so he could learn how to play racquetball. Wooden racquets were the weapon of choice those days and his competition was the college students and faculty.

Once in highschool he found other interests and didn’t play again until 1979. His first tournament was at the Thornton YMCA in 1979 and he played in the D division. Those days games were to 21 and there were only 4 divisions: Open, B, C, and D. The following year he won the C division in the state tournament and in the same year moved up and won the B division. It wasn’t long after that he found himself competing in the Open division.

Lynn and his former wife, Susan, were married on a racquetball court during the Regionals tournament in Hot Springs, AR. Shortly after that and for the next decade they ran many tournaments all over the state including the famed “Cowboy Open” held at the OSU Colvin Center. The Cowboy Open was the longest running tournament in the United States with a record 25 years straight. Many times it attracted well over 150 players from all over the region. Other tournaments include the Turkey Shoot and a couple of pro stops, many state and regional tournaments which also drew well over 100 players. They also started up the tournaments in Ponca City.

Johnson Painting was the main sponsor for the majority of these events. Their tournaments were well known for the hospitality and one could always count on the matches being on time now matter how big the draw was.

Lynn participated at the National Singles in 1998 and 1999 where he placed second in the 35's A/B division and was ranked No. 1 in the nation. He played in the World Seniors tournaments in 2000 and 2001. His most recent accomplishment was at the 2004 Legends tour held in St. Louis where he placed 1st in the 45's division.

Lynn is well known for his “off-the-wall, between-the-legs shots and inventing the “moon-walk" serve.

We recognize Lynn for the countless contributions of time and energy he gave to Oklahoma racquetball for all those unforgettable tournaments.