Hall of Fame - Roy A. Rudichuk 2001 Inductee

Roy was inducted into the hall of fame at the age of 68
Home: Pryor, OK
Roy is blessed with his wife, Yvonne, three children, and eight grandchildren.

I began playing the game of racquetball at the YMCA in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – February, 1965 at the age of 33 ( could not hit the ball at all). We used tennis racquets and cut down the handles to an acceptable length. Then Ektelon came out with their first aluminum racquet and changed the game.

When I started, we called the game “paddleball” even though we were using strung racquets. Below are some Canadian results in Saskatchewan:

Year  Event                          Finish
1970  Men’s A Paddleball             1st
1971  Men’s Paddleball Doubles       1st
1971  Men’s Paddleball Singles Open  1st
1972  Men’s Racquetball Open Doubles 1st
1972  YMCA Singles Open              1st
1972  YMCA Doubles Open              1st
1972  Alberta, CAN Open Doubles      2nd
1972  Singles Open                   1st
1973  Sask., CAN Open Doubles        1st
1973  YMCA Doubles                   1st
1973  Saskatchewan Open Award - “Sportsman”
1973  YMCA Open Doubles              1st
1974  YMCA Open Singles              1st
1974  YMCA Doubles                   1st
1974  Sask. Open Doubles             2nd
1975  Sask. Open Singles             2nd
1975  YMCA Singles                   2nd
1976  YMCA Singles                   2nd
1976  YMCA Doubles                   1st
1976  Sask. Open Senior              1st

We moved to Tulsa, OK in July of 1976 and joined the Thorton YMCA where I became active in the “Y” as racquetball teacher, promoter, and Board member for many years. I also began competing in local, State & Regional events.

Year  Event                                     Finish
1976  OK State Senior Singles                   1st
1976  Thorton YMCA Invitational Seniors         2nd
1977  Cowboy Open Seniors                       2nd
1977  TRAC Masters 45+                          2nd
1977  YMCA State Open Singles                   2nd
1978  YMCA State Senior                         1st
1978  Oklahoma Racquetball Masters              1st
1978  Thorton Invitational masters              1st
1978  Kangs Classic – Seniors + Masters         2nd
1978  Cowboy Open Masters                       3rd
1978  Thorton – Men’s A                         1st
1979  Thorton Invitational Senior               1st
1983  TRAC Masters                              1st
1987  North American – Albuquerque 55+          1st
1988  National Masters Invitational 55+         1st
1992  YMCA SR Sports Festival                   1st
1993  National Masters @ Fullerton, CA 55+      3rd
1994  OK State Seniors Olympics                 1st
1995  US National Senior Olympics @ San Antonio 2nd
1996  1st Annual Citgo/MDA 45+                  2nd
1997  USRA Regionals, Ft. Smith, AR 60+         1st
      Oklahoma Senior Olympics                  1st
      World SR Racquetball @ Albuq. 65+         2nd

Remembered As:

If I am to be remembered at all, let it be as a player who would rather give away a point than to take one that was questionable.  Life is filled with uncertainty. A fitting end for mine would be to have one more title shot at one last tournament. Some championship point, that I am set up for a kill shot, as I strike the ball and it travels to the front corner and at that split second that the ball is to hit the wall, “the lights go out!” Never knowing if I made the shot or not.  That would be better than dying in some nursing home, or in a wheelchair.


Roy A. Rudichuk