Hall of Fame - Susan McMasters - 2013 Inductee


It is such a pleasure to be named to the Oklahoma Racquetball Hall of Fame.  For fourteen years the sport was a major part of my life.

I grew up in Lakewood, Colorado and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in late 1976 after the death of my husband.  Shortly thereafter, I began to work for Jim Benien at his new Benien Courts facility.  Two years later I moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma to work for Myron Roderick at his Sports Unlimited club.  This move opened up a new chapter of my life. 

In 1979 I became Oklahoma's Racquetball Director from 1979 through 1990 under the AARA which became the USRA years later.  During that time I held tournaments that drew 100 to 150 participants.  The biggest challenge was doing the draw sheets (by hand in those days) and making sure the tournament stayed on time.  Following that came feeding 100+ people for two days. 

Many tournaments were held in Tulsa at the T.R.A.C. club, they had ten courts with two having glass viewing areas from the front and back.  Here I held State, Regionals, and the Turkey Shoot.  Several times tournaments were held at the Thornton YMCA.  One of the favorite and longest running tournaments was the Cowboy Open and it was held at the Oklahoma State University Colvin Center.  On Saturday evening everyone would head to the Hideaway Pizza restaurant for their infamous pizza, salads and fried mushrooms.  A favorite tournament among players and spectators.

Throughout these years a group of players would travel from Ponca City, Oklahoma to play in the above tournaments.  Their YMCA was remodeling and adding on raccquetball courts and they approached me to see if we could hold an annual tournament at the facility.  This turned out to be an annual fun tournament for all. 

During this time I played singles and doubles and was an average player who loved the sport.  None of my accomplishments would have been possible without all the great players and people involved in this sport.