Hall of Fame - Therese Lewis 2003 Inductee


Therese Lewis’ Racquetball Resume:

I had the pleasure of introducing the first of two 2002 Oklahoma Racquetball Hall of Fame inductees on April 6, 2002. Below is Therese’s story, of which I knew most of it, but still got choked up when reading to the audience. Congratulations! (Bruce Adams)

Even though I spent most of my life growing up in Stillwater, I was born in Lawton, OK in 1957 on a reservation. Apparently, I was in an abusive environment, because myself and 2 siblings were taken away from our parents and placed in a children’s home.

I have been blessed with 2 wonderful parents who adopted me when I was 4 years old. If it hadn’t been for them I would probably have never had a chance in school, sports or life in general as far as that goes. I never played high school sports because there just wasn’t much offered back then.

I picked up my first racquet when I was still in high school, played one or two games and never thought much of the game at that time. It was probably another 5 years before I actually played again and realized ‘Hey I think I can do this!’ That was about 24 years ago.

I moved up the ladder pretty quick until I reached the A & B Division. I never had any lessons, no one really showed me anything, but I did practice a lot back then…, something I should do now, but just don’t have the time. Like anyone else I learned a lot from watching and playing tournaments.

I’ve been playing in Open Division for maybe 20 years and have won maybe 11 State Singles Titles. I honestly don’t know. My only regrets are not playing more national events back when I was in better shape and had more time. These days it’s hard for me to make tournaments that are not in Oklahoma.

I love this game and plan on playing as long as my body allows me to. When not on the court, I’m taking care of my 2 boys and spending time on the golf course.