Superbowl Shootout 2014

Note:  All the links below are direct links to YouTube videos, and all open in a new window.  I tried to get videos of singles and doubles at varying skill levels.  Many of the videos are snippets from matches, not complete games.  I tried to get video of as many matches as possible.  The videos are full 1920 x 1080 HD, so you can set to full HD in the YouTube window for improved quality.

Men's Open Singles:

CJ Shaffer vs Donald Sims - Open Final                                      Donald Sims vs Wes McSwane

CJ Shaffer vs Mark Bianchi                                                              Lee Larson vs Mark Bianchi

Jeremy Paul vs Matthew Kindschi

Men's Open Doubles:

Arturo Burruel and Logan Reese vs CJ Shaffer and Bob Cole

Wes McSwane and Jonathan Harpman vs Brian Watson and Brad Guidry

CJ Shaffer and Bob Cole vs Jeremy Paul and David Attalla

Men's B Singles:

Allen Seh Ong vs David Martinez - Finals                                    David Martinez vs Ken Murlin

Scott Nekonchuck vs David Weiss                                               Ken Murlin vs Randall Anderson

Allen Seh Ong vs Scott Nekonchuck                                            Brandon Davis vs Sam Myers

Men's A-C Combined Doubles:

Ron Stukey and Max Moll vs Randall Anderson and Scott Nekonchuck

Teresa Clement and Sam Myers vs James Wear and Neil Hanna

Women's Combined Singles:

Lacy Kindschi vs Gentry Jones

Julie Hill vs Julienne Arnold

Lacy Kindschi vs Brianna Ghosn